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How many times have you found yourself in a changing room looking for an outfit for that special Event and have no idea which style of garment to choose.


How frustrating to be faced  with a “choice” that  boils down to a compromise between two dress sizes as you are a size 16 on top but a size 10 below.  Or having to buy a current trend style dress you know won't suit you because it’s not really ideal for your body shape but there is nothing else there! Or simply settling for anything that calls itself designer or bridal because actually, you have no idea which actual dress is going to suit you and make you look how you've always wanted to look, a confident, beautiful woman wearing an exquisite gown created solely for her...


No need to settle for the size 14 and hope you can find someone to alter the voluminous top part which doesn’t quite fit without ruining the neckline...


Enter Clariscia!


You may be a petite type who needs different proportions in a garment, not just shorter hems. Or, perhaps you are curvaceous which brings in other dos and don'ts...whatever your shape is, Clariscia's starting point is accepting yourself as you are.


“I fight for individuality.  Whenever I meet a client it becomes a team effort.  I aim to interpret her personality through her clothes, the choice of outfits the fabrics.  I never try to suppress her individuality.”


Clariscia is not only creative as a designer but is blessed with a warm sunny disposition which immediately puts you at your ease when you meet her. 


Clariscia can design and make you everything you will ever need to be immaculately and confidently dressed because everything you will be wearing will show off your best points whilst cleverly camouflaging the ones you want to play down.


It all works together: from lingerie to beautiful stylish dresses and personalised accessories. 


It's the same for every woman: we need advice from a pro but more than that we need a fashion expert who combines being a designer, couturière, stylist and best friend to your wardrobe as well as having a sense of humour –  for that you need Clariscia.


Make your appointment to come and meet Clariscia. 



VAT no: 974 8778 41